About Us

QA Financial is an independent news and events platform owned by QA Media Ltd, an independent publishing company unaffiliated with any other business.

We cover the quality assurance, testing and IT risk management of software and technology used by Investment and Retail Banks, Asset Managers, Exchanges, Insurance Companies, and Software and Market Data Vendors.

QA E-commerce is the newest events venture from QA Media Ltd.

Quality assurance enables financial firms to deploy technology that meets their business and security requirements as well as the compliance tests of regulators.

By making the right choices about testing standards and testing partners, financial firms can implement new technologies as quickly as possible.

For more information please visit www.qa-financial.com

If you are interested in being involved in any of the QA Financial or QA E-commerce events, please choose from the following contact information:

Speaking opportunities:

Lauren King, [email protected]

Sponsorship opportunities:

Lawrence Bell, [email protected]

Delegate information:

Kirstine Kennedy, [email protected]