Alex Neal — Unilever

Alex is a Test Manager who has worked across multiple teams at different points in their Agile journey. He is currently at Unilever working on their Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution and helping to shape and guide the testing side and helping other teams also become more Agile by holding workshops and giving guidance where asked. The DAM is central to the Unilever Tech 2.0 strategy and holds all images, videos and integrates with e-Commerce systems back to retailers.

Passionate about giving the business what they want but also making sure the business are involved to give the team what they need to successfully run a Kanban release cycle. A believer of early-feedback loops and changing UAT so it is no longer a stringent formal function but a part of development where the business want to and feel like they are involved.

  • Company:UNILEVER
  • Short Bio:Test Manager
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